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 The Land of Eternal Spring

If weather is part of the reason you are looking to move then Guatemala is the place for you.

In the highlands the days are warm and the nights are cool. Typically the daytime temperature will be 78 F.(25 C.) and a night time temperatur of 65 F. (18 C.).

There are two seasons in Guatemala the dry season and the rainy season.  The rainy season goes from April to October.  Then it averages about an hour a day of rain.

Buying & Selling Tips


Mortgages from financial institutions are typically not easy to get.  If you manage to get one the interest rates will be very high. You may be able to arrange one through the seller but in general properties are bought and payed for directly.


There are basically two types of properties offered, registered and unregistered. In the larger cities you will find mostly registered in the smaller areas unregisisterd. All properties can be registered but it is always advised to buy a property that is registered


Typically you will pay a tax on property at the time of sale. In most municipalities you will also pay a yearly property tax. Though by most standards they will be considered low.

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