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Johnny's Beach Hotel In Nature Reserve
 $465,00.00 Listing #0319

 Location: Turtle Beach, Monterrico (Pacific Ocean)
Johnny's is the original Monterrico adventure hotel. Johnny's was built and run by John Luttmann (hence "Johnny's"), a second-generation 75 year-old German-Guatemalan until he sold to the current owners in 1999. He originally built (in 1988) a few bungalows as small houses so that his own family and friends could come and spend retirement time with him at the beach. This was the perfect location to catch up with friends, play Party Poker, soak up the sun and enjoy the view. Over time, this developed into Johnny's Place Hotel.

Since our purchase in 1999, we have made a concerted effort to expand the business by: a) better serving the existing domestic family weekend market; b) adding new businesses (restaurant, bar, satellite internet, store, surf and spearfishing instruction, etc.) thereby expanding the potential market base and reaching out to the international traveler; and c) providing good value and excellent service to support all of the products and services offered.

This has proven to be very successful, as the gross sales at the hotel have increased nearly 600% in three years, from an estimated Q250,000 in 1999 to over Q1,500,000 ($1.00 = Q7.50) in 2002.

We are arguably the most popular restaurant on the beach, enjoy “recommended destination” reviews of both the hotel and restaurant in the international guide books, while locally (in Antigua and Guatemala City) we receive a steady stream of new customers through word of mouth referral.

3 level main building....upper level restaurant bar includes all amenities, furnishings, refers, freezers etc. Beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and fresh breezes


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